IT-100 Firewall Appliance

IT-100 is a complete, embedded firewall open-source software package that is based on FreeBSD and provides all the important features of commercial firewall boxes (including ease of use).


* web interface (supports SSL)
* set LAN IP address
   -  reset password
   -  restore factory defaults
   -  reboot system
* wireless support (including access point mode)
* captive portal
* 802.1Q VLAN support (IT-100 does not support VLAN!)
* Ipv6 support
* stateful packet filtering
   -  block/pass rules
   -  logging
* NAT/PAT (including 1:1)
* DHCP client, PPPoE and PPTP support on the WAN interface
* Ipsec VPN tunnels (IKE; with support for hardware crypto cards, mobile clients and certificates)
* PPTP VPN (with RADIUS server support)
* static routes
* DHCP server and relay
* caching DNS forwarder
* DynDNS client and RFC 2136 DNS updater
* SNMP agent
* traffic shaper
* SVG-based traffic grapher
* firmware upgrade through the web browser
* Wake on LAN client
* configuration backup/restore
* host/network aliases

 Network Interfaces

* WAN (RL0 interface): The first RJ45 Ethernet port from the left.
* LAN (RL1 interface): The four-port switch hub.
* the optional wireless OPT1 (the ATH0 interface) with two built-in hidden diversified antennas.


Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 500 Mhz Fanless CPU.
Ali M1535 (South Bridge)
System Memory
Onboard LAN
2 x Realtek RTL8100B 10/100 Ethernet: 1 x WAN and 1 x LAN (as a 4-port switch hub)
Onboard IDE/SATA
32MB Compact Flash
Expansion Slots
1 x PCI
1 x Mini-PCI
Back Panel I/O
2 x USB 1.1
1 x RS-232 COM port
1 x Parrallel port
1 x RTL8100B 10/100 Ethernet (WAN)
4 port switch hub ( 1 x RTL8100B 10/100 Ethernet)
 246mm x 240mm x 54mm
1-year Limited

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