Fingerprint Padlock : PL1000


Security | Simple | Smart | Speed | Small


  • Security: Fingerprint identification system, highly security level than the combination lock.
  • Simple: Unlock with your fingerprint, no more worry about losing keys or forgetting passwords.
  • Smart: Support 360° one touch Authentication, stores up to 30 fingerprints for multiple users.
  • Speed: Fast unlock by one touch, less one second.
  • Small: Small device, low power consumption.
  • LED indicator/Beep tone for Lock/unlock and operations.
  • USB charge port for battery charging.


Fingerprint Padlock
Weight37 g
Dimensions63 x 28 x 10 mm
Housing materialZinc alloys
Fingerprint capacity30 sets
Identified time< 1 sec.
Battery typeRechargeable Li-polymer battery
Battery power4.2V 50mAh
Battery lifeat least 1200 times (lock & unlock) per charge
Charging input 5VDC @ 36mA (max),
USB charge port for battery charging and emergency power
LED indicator / Beep tone for lock, unlock, enrollment mode, low battery, charging
Shackle tensile strength25 ~ 30 Kg
Operating Temperature(-10℃) ~ 45℃
Protection ratingIP54
ComplianceCE, FCC
Fingerprint Sensor
Spatial resolution508 dpi
FAR (False Acceptance Rate)1/100,000
FRR (False Rejection Rate)1/100
Supported StandardsANSI/INCITS 378, ISO/IEC 19794-2


  1. PL1000 Specification
  2. PL1000 User Guide


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