16 x 16   Thermopile Array Module

The OTPA-16PM4S-CI25 is a 16x16 thermopile array module having a digital output through either I2C interface for ease of infrared image processing.

The applications would be wide such as forehead temperature sensing devices, integration of access control systems, integration of face recognition systems.

  • Building automation
  • Energy management
  • Gesture control for interactive appliance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Occupancy sensor for home security
  • Smart HVAC control
Module Spec:
Operating Voltage Min:4.5V / Typical:5V / Max:5.5V
Operating Current 8.0mA
Electrical Interface I2C
Interface Speed 100KHz
Physical Connection Interface SM04B-GHS-TB(JST) connector

Thermopile Array Characteristic:
Effective Number of Pixels 256 Pixels
NETD Typical: 0.4℃
Frame Rate Typical:0.5fps / Maximum:4fps
Field of View Horizontal:72, Vertical:72 Degrees
Resolution of Reading Typical: 0.05℃
Object Temperature Accuracy ±2℃
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